The Foundation for Media Alternatives has successfully conducted its first Privacy and Data Protection Workshop for Civil Society and the Academe in Cebu City. The workshop ran from October 26 to 27, 2017 and was attended by around 20 participants from various civil society organizations and universities in the Visayas.

A group of participants work to complete Privacy Impact Assessment tables for a sample scenario

The workshop kicked off with an introduction to privacy, data protection, and the data privacy regime in the Philippines. Day 1 also featured sessions on gender and privacy, and emerging trends and issues related to privacy such as surveillance, Big Data and Internet of Things.

The rest of the training was centered on orienting and equipping the participants to comply with the Data Privacy Act. Some of the basic elements of compliance that were included in the workshop were conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment, appointing a Data Protection Officer, drafting privacy notices and consent forms, and managing security incidents or data breaches. The participants were given a chance to work on these processes first-hand during the Privacy Impact Assessment group activity.

The workshop was designed to to build the capacity of CSOs in understanding privacy and addressing current and emerging related issues, while providing them basic appreciation of an effective data protection compliance framework. FMA hopes that the workshop strengthened and will further strengthen coordination and partnerships between the participating groups, forging the way for an organized campaign to promote privacy rights in the country. FMA plans to replicate the training as a continuing series of workshops for civil society organizations and academic institutions in various regions of the country.

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