In October 2017, FMA, DICT and ISOC-PH partnered to conduct the first Philippine Internet Governance Colloquium, which provided a platform for local ICT and human development stakeholders to share best practices on Internet Governance. The said colloquium engaged government, civil society organizations and private sectors in discussions on pertinent public policies, technical, human rights and other emerging issues.
As a follow-up to the Philippine Internet Governance Colloquium in October 2017, FMA, with support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government, and in collaboration with DICT and ISOC-PH, will hold a series of Internet Governance Symposiums across the country that will hopefully lead to the first ever Philippine Internet Governance Forum.
The Internet Governance Symposium aims to (1) promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Internet Governance by local communities through a multistakeholder approach; (2) bring people together from different sectors as equals, in facilitating the exchange of information and best practices, and in this regard make full use of the expertise of the academic, civil society, government and technical communities at the local level; (3) discuss emerging issues and concerns, and public policy issues relating to the Internet and bring those issues and concerns to the attention of the relevant bodies and the general public, and, where appropriate, make recommendations.
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