FMA supports ACSC/APF Statement on Bogus ASEAN Forum

CIVIL SOCIETY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: ASEAN FOR WHOM?  WHY PREVENT PEOPLE FROM JOINING FORUMS TACKLING ISSUES IN ASEAN? PRESS RELEASE November 4, 2017 Contact persons: Rhoda Viajar @09178250346 (ACSC/APF2017  Media Officer) / Malu Mendoza @09328726168 (ACSC/APF2017 ICOM Team) A network of civil society groups engaging the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Read more…


When it comes to internet rights in Asia, where is the wind blowing?

Our Executive Director Liza Garcia actively joined in the recently concluded Regional Consultation on the State of Freedom of Assembly, Association, Expression and Religion on the the Internet in Asia. Below is the summary of discussions and takeaways shared by Sheetal Kumar (GPD), Geetha Hariharan, Pavitra Ramanujam (APC), Gayatri Khandhadai Read more…

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