Revisiting FOI

Transparency and accountability are two foundational principles of democracy. As such, they are well entrenched in the Philippine Constitution, which provides for the right of Filipinos to hold the government and public officials accountable for any or all of their mistakes or shortcomings. The signing of Executive Order (EO) №2 Read more…


Joint Statement Regarding Philippine Identification System Act IRR Proceedings

Joint Statement Regarding the Philippine Identification System Act Proceedings  26 September 2018  We, the undersigned, as civil society organizations and concerned citizens of the Philippines, express our grave concern for the recent proceedings regarding the promulgation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 11055, or the Read more…


Revisiting Comeleak, by the numbers

This article was originally posted at GMA News Online A little over two years ago, in the run-up to the 2016 national elections, a massive data breach earned the Philippines an unenviable place in the global spotlight. The headlines then said it all: Personal data of 55 million Filipino voters exposed! Read more…

By Jamael Jacob, ago

How Much Data Protection Does PH Provide to Personal Information Sourced from Foreign Jurisdictions?

Some time last year, news broke out that U.S. telecommunications giant, AT&T, had suffered a major data breach resulting in unlawful third-party access to its customer records. Estimates put the number of people affected at over 280,000 in total.[1] Sensitive personal information like social security numbers were among the primary Read more…

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