When it comes to internet rights in Asia, where is the wind blowing?

Our Executive Director Liza Garcia actively joined in the recently concluded Regional Consultation on the State of Freedom of Assembly, Association, Expression and Religion on the the Internet in Asia. Below is the summary of discussions and takeaways shared by Sheetal Kumar (GPD), Geetha Hariharan, Pavitra Ramanujam (APC), Gayatri Khandhadai Read more…


How Much Data Protection Does PH Provide to Personal Information Sourced from Foreign Jurisdictions?

Some time last year, news broke out that U.S. telecommunications giant, AT&T, had suffered a major data breach resulting in unlawful third-party access to its customer records. Estimates put the number of people affected at over 280,000 in total.[1] Sensitive personal information like social security numbers were among the primary Read more…

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